Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Night with My Lovely Reza Alwan Affandi

saturday night I have a jogja trip with my Reza.

firstly, we went to vredeburg, one of dutch colonial age legacy. we attended art exhibition by the local state high school (sma8)

this is my boy, Reza, bad panning :(

some of the arts and instalation

at Malioboro street we found this attractive show

this child covered by white fabric, we called it pocong = a dead body of human covered by the white fabric before it's buried. it's just the show, maybe titled 'how this kid can free herself from this tied fabric'

and this one is 'I can spread the fire from my mouth'

next destination is taman budaya yogyakarta (tby)

walk on the street by foot
actually, we went there for a reason: to attend music performance by Yogyakarta Institute of Art college student. but then Reza said he was so hungry, we go out before the show is begun.

have a dinner at Angkringan Kopi Jos

angkringan is the most popular yogyakartanese place to eat. more than a hundred angkringan can be found in Yogyakarta. angkringan is placed on the edge of street with no building, just a tent with a really small place to eat and limited bench to sit.

why we choose Angkringan Kopi Jos? since I have never
eat there, I really want to. Reza brought me there and I ordered Kopi Jos (Jos Coffee).

that's Kopi Jos, robusta coffee mixed with charcoal. how can this unusual drink is very delicious to drink!

then we went back home after the long night trip

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