Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Wedding

today I attended a wedding of aghni's sister (mba nana)

(aghni, mba nana and me ---> feeling short)
taken by mas taufik (mba nana's husband)

the gift: bodyshop, clinique and others. what a gift!

after they declared their marriage today, I've been thinking of mine. I've been thinking how it will be going on me. I just don't feel ready for commitment issue (for now). I will be marry once in a lifetime. I promise my self. and it feels too big for me. I just don't feel ready for all of those think. maybe 7 or 9 years from now I gotta be go for it.
But I still get a long way to go huh? I am 17 by the way.

well.. anyway, I hope they are always be a happy couple for the rest of their life. amin :)

I hope you guys enjoy being in the same bedroom for the first time :)

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