Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Wardrobe

this afternoon I was doing something that I rarely do recently but I like to do it so much: dive out the old wardrobe.and voila! I found my brother's old armani denim. how cool. I love the colour so much. I have it on a shirt too, and the shirt was so oversize like a coat. I will show you other time.
and guess what, I found my old suit too. It was uniforms...

my FORANZA uniform.
I was on anti narcotics organization. and I am proud of it :)

P.K.S (I think it is for Polisi Keamanan Sekolah ---> School's Security)
everybody at my elementary school have it by the way.
and wow I still fit on this uniform, it means I didn't change a lot since 12 years old.

My taekwondo suit.
It's been a long time I've been not trained anymore. I don't like to be in the taekwondo by the way. but my father and my mother love me to do that (because they love adrenalin activity I guess). But I'm proud enough to be in the taekwondo training once :D

well that's it. my wardrobe is full of collectible items right?

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