Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

those things I did at end of of 2010. let me list it:
jco and breadtalk for breakfast, lunch and dinner. damage my stomach for sure -_-
Tron Legacy (Paragon)
marmut merah jambu (raditya dika)
seigi no mikata (episode 1 til last). it's a japanese drama. you should watch.
Wedding Peach. an old anime. I yelled CUPU on and on. by the way, I love it when I was a little, very little, girl
and having barbeque on rooftop with my cousins and auntie at night. what a great day :D

well, talk about wedding peach it reminds me how girl always want a perfect wedding with a perfect partner. marriage seems fun, I still think that way nowadays.
after marriage, we'll have our own house, having our own family just 2 of me and my husband. having supper together everyday. having someone to kiss in the early morning. and having other oh so romantic things everyday. that would be really really fun :>

anyway, I hope this year would be best for us :)
sorry I didn't bring a camera on this vacation. so, no picture. I really sorry for my self. I forget to buy a new memory card instead of my father take the old one.

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