Thursday, February 17, 2011

Popok Tri Wahyudi

"The Last Brewed Indonesian Coffee" Acrylic on canvas, 1999 55" x 39.5"by Popok Tri Wahyudi
see his profile here!

last sunday I have a meeting with Om Popok. he is an artist, and also my father's friend.
I don't really know him very well (yet). all I know that he is a very cool painting artist I have ever known. his paintings, and personality are cool. he said he learned every color from the maker of this universe B)
and I also have 2 of his paintings on my living room for long time ago. how cool huh?

I learned many things from him that sunday. and I'll start to paint more next sunday. I am so excited about to do something on my canvas. can't wait to buy my own equipments!

for me, painting is not about how much money you can earn, but how to keep your idealism and originality.

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