Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Am Young (Or Still Young)

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous (Directed by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali)

I just realized that I am young (or still young) when I heard that song.
Fyi, I always feel too old because I'm 18.
Feeling old is not good at all. I stop being fun and young instead of worry I would seem weird or pathetic.
the way how young people be energetic in the video, you may call them pathetic or 'lebay amat sih neng'. But, when you slightly realize, being young is one in a lifetime. You can make being-a-young-person as an useful excuse for everything you do especially the pathetic things, like having crazy romance or crazy acts. Just say, "I am still so young, what's wrong with doing that crazy stuffs huh?" When you are old, you can't never make it some excuses like that. Being young is a real heaven.
like Indonesian would say: 'namanya juga anak muda!'
hail young people!

*tapi juga jangan sering sering kali neng*

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