Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Day Tour Guide

Yesterday I accompanied my father's friend from Korea, Min Jung Oh, to have tour around the city, that was very nice time with her. I also asked Mutia to join us. fufufu :3

We went to 3 places: Kasongan, Kerathon, and Mirota Batik.
I'm sorry that Min Jung didn't really enjoy the time we had in Kasongan (because the ceramic not so traditional, they have a lot in Korea too). And the Kerathon was also closed when we arrived there. But we enjoyed the time at Mirota Batik and chilled at the roof top and had little talk about life.

She is a dancer, a modern dancer. She has been in many places in the world to perform her dance: US, Japan, Holland, Cekoslavia, and many other places. So envy.
She is also very nice to me and Mutia, I like her a lot.
At night she has to go back to Korea, and she told us that she wants to stay longer here because she is so sick of the hectic schedule she has in Korea. She likes Indonesia I think :--3
and of course I like Indonesia too especially Yogyakarta.

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