Saturday, December 31, 2011

Am I Ready?

taken from Sea Wolf's video, The Violet Hour

This year been so rough to me: the break up, hated by someone, freshman year in college, the lack of wish and longing. This year is so lame. I am so lame. Okay, I pass the national final examination and SNMPTN test very well, but that was just what I need to do, not what I want to do. get it? no? just forget it.

Sometimes we think we just stay in a same lame person all of this time, but when you realize, you have grown up, you're getting better. Be confident of yourself and don't waste time.
My resolution for 2012 is very simple: not wasting time, my future is my present. So, when all of this time I always talk to my self like: I want to learn how to cook the creme brule.. starting tomorrow, or maybe sunday, or next monday. I will emphatically talk to myself to do everything that I want to do tomorrow right now! yeah. I've been an expert procrastinator this whole time, and that will be over starting tomorrow! ok.. starting right now.
what a smart resolution I have. wish me luck! and have a great new year everybody :D

just saying to whole world, that I have to over the break up in a classy way, so I'll talk to my ex later on.
and.. I have to over this enemy status because I don't do hate and this is so killing me actually. No, it's not because I'm a goody good person or being a virgin nun-ny, it's just, felt not so good to be hated you know, so.. I wish I can fix this up, asap. I need some supportive friend right now... see yaaaa, I'm calling my friends right now!

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