Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eating Well, Travelling Well, Living Well, Hopefully Die Well

I had a college days off for a month and been decided to go for a trip with Aghni, Mutia and Linda. That was a very wonderful time together with them, no matter, worth every penny :P
Here are some trip stories and tips for you who wants to go to Bandung.
*the pictures are camera phone quality pictures. who would have bring such a heavy professional camera for holiday trip huh? :p*

The first day we went shopping to clothing market, Pasar Baru.
not really my thing by the way, but yeah, I can get some souvenirs to bring home. the prices are very reasonable, even for such a stingy person like me :P
Then, we had lunch at The Kiosk with my auntie, Tante Maya. The Kiosk is at Braga City Walk, it's providing many of Bandung traditional foods such as Nasi timbel, mie kocok, tahu gejrot, etc. I prefer you to buy the Nasi timbel bakar, taste soooooo good seriously!
and in the afternoon we went to Paris Van Java Mall and have a drink at Bandoengsche Milk Centrale, poor me didn't taste the peculiar milk they offer, but the gelatto. and unfortunately the gelatto flavours which left are the kind I don't really like :B

the vertigo

I love amusement park soooooooo muuuuuch! I love roller coaster, and everything in it! we spent second day went to Trans Studio Bandung. I prefer you not to come in weekend or school holiday, beside the price will be more expensive, the guests will increase extremely comparing to the guests at work days. So, when you have special day off, maybe you can spend there.
Vertigo is the best vehicle of all, and second is yamaha roller coaster. and the haunted house..... is lame :B

at night we were having supper with my uncle, Om Joko and my adorable cousin named Ayu, at Roemah Kopi in Dago. That was beautiful view in there. a very nice place to eat. I ordered fettucine ala Alfredo (or kind, I don't really remember the name), taste so creamy and very good. The carbonara taste good too by the way. And I drink forget-the-name milk tea. taste so relaxing.

very beutiful view kan, we can see the whole city from there! okay, not whole, but yeah you can see some skyscrapers clearly in a very good angle.

this is my very lovely uncle

and the next day we went to Bober Cafe that evidently.... Bisma Karisma aka Bisma Sm*sh is the owner of the cafe. fufufufu, not evidently I should say, we went there in purpose, we actually know that it was Bisma Sm*sh's cafe. But whatever.The prices are very reasonable. for drinks are about 10 - 25k. and the food too. We ordered nachos and giant bober sampler. the sampler was including cheese sticks, chicken sticks, fried mushrooms, onion rings, and french fries. I love the fried mushrooms.

and the fourth day we went to Jakarta to visit my grandma. We went to some mall, tanah abang, yada yada.. I don't really prefer you to go to Jakarta for holiday, except you have plenty money *_*
in the last night before fly back to home, we had dinner at citrus cafe, also with my Auntie and Uncle, but different one, Tante Rin & Om Kun. I really don't prefer that place. The foods aren't worth it by the price they offer :B
but well, some foods are good though. and I like the coffee, seriously, taste strong.

here are my holiday story. sound so fun eh? I plan to have another holiday together with them again. By the way, this is my second time having holiday with them. What a wonderful friends I have huh?
and a very wonderful family too of course :D

and sorry for the long post :P

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