Saturday, April 21, 2012

Relax and Enjoy The Test

Relax and Enjoy The Test, coloured pencil on paper.
The drawing of my grandpa, has been drew by my grandpa himself!

Life is one bundle of a test. It's never gonna be easy if you won't learn and enjoy it.
I enjoy and thank for every little thing in my life, like collecting jewelries, brushing my hair, drawing on paper, I enjoy a lot of things. I won't suggest you anything since people are not the same anyway, but I just want to share how peaceful I am. relax and enjoy the test ;D

I currently listening  a lot to Angus & Julia Stone, may you don't mind if I put the video here ;)

Oh ya, about my 'Smile Project' I don't do a lot this week. *sigh* sorry, it feels weird yet because not many people would not think it's weird to smile with no reason. But I've tried to smile everytime I wake up in the morning (or not morning anymore :p), it feels so great, it's like an instant happy builder :D

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