Monday, June 4, 2012


Yesterday I went swimming with Mutia & Linda. That was so much fun. These underwater photos are special edition of me and my totality underwater pose. Fufu. That's because Mutia & Linda couldn't really hold their breath :B

I had lots of fun yesterday. We slept-over at my house, played video games, gossip, made fun about Justin Bieber, and One Direction and had Amigos X Siempre tv serial nostalgia. Never get bored with those girls. Who could resist such great friends like them anyway

I love them!
They are my high school close friend, actually I had this group when the high school was almost over, we were kind of study group who was preparing for final examination, our group name is pepenkz, I know that sounds lame, but we name it after crepes seller at our course where we had group studying. who would have known we can be such a close friend til now. And actually this study group had more people, there are 5, but these girls are.. I don't know, we just click to each other better. So happy to have them :')
And actually there is one more girl but unfortunately can't make it to our sleepover last weekend. so saddd......

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