Sunday, September 13, 2015

Street Protest, Isn't It Outdated?

I remember that one sunny day after hotel style breakfast of buttered loaf with bacon strips, sunnyside egg and orange juice, I was in an ANA flight from Matsuyama to Tokyo.

This was actually a photograph of me showing the Tokyo -> Matsuyama ticket. Haha. So unrelatable but this is the closest thing I can show :')

I sat next to Irfan, an antrophology student from Universitas Padjajaran (And the girl sat next to Irfan was Gianti, she was asleep during almost the entire flight. Haha.). Out of the blue, I know he was trying to make a topic to go through the boring flight, he showed me a random street protest video organised by students from Universitas Indonesia. I actually was half asleep due to my lack of sleep the other night. You can tell by how sleepy, pillowy and bare my face was. But anyway, we had small talk about how our generation doing the entire protest thing wrong. Yes, you guys are (or should I say we are?) outdated! For god sake, does the anarchy demonstration act on the street still relate to our current condition?

I had this recall after I read some articles about the recent demonstration story organised by Lingkar Studi Ciputat, especially the one from Lingkar Otak Lingkar Studi Ciputat

Not only because they were doing what I call the outdated protest scene, but also, from the cortex layer of their sense, it was wrong. Very wrong. And stupid.

First, the obvious one, It is disgraceful that they were doing it in woman underwears. What are they trying to convey? That they were so misogynic, considering woman as the second sex, and if someone being a woman it means that someone is somehow being not good enough?
Secondly,  if what they were trying to convey is merely their own insecurities of being young and not doing enough valuable things (like what their ancestor did during the crisis in 1998), or merely their selfish insecurities that they think their country will encounter raise of inflation so they are going to have difficulties finding a job, or more over, they are not quiet sure about what the real problem is, well then please just go home and get drunk. Because I think you were not drunk enough to do that.

I wasn't meant to discuss about that thing because I'm not entirely clear nor interested about that issue anyway. And also, that kind of issue is so ubiquitous isn't it? (Yeiy, I'm using a barely-used-in-normal-conversation word) What I'm trying to discuss here is the very basic thing of street protest. Do they actually count? Do they actually make any difference?

Well, not to be entirely naive, the big overthrow in 1998 crises wasn't entirely by the reason of student anarchy demonstration itself. It was involving so many wide-world-ly political agenda. Not trying to spread a pessimistic attitude here, but people power still floating in a big question bubble. Because people, you are politically making no advantage to the world. And what I mean by the world is less than 10% of the entire earth population. So, people, say goodbye to your agenda. 
Protest may be heard, and also the media will probably publish it, but most likely it will just end up there. Or if the government is actually change the thing, it's somehow just happen to be the same thing as what people are protesting about in the street. But in reality, it is not 100% because of the street protest. It is still a political agenda all over again. But they make it seems like your voice is heard.

In my opinion, street protest will always end up like that. Our power is nothing. Even when we bring it down to the street! It is infact the same thing when you are being a slacktivist through the social media, ranting out your insecurities by the twitter updates. So, if you want to do the street protest, you are definitely doing it wrong, and you are technologically outdated. You waste your time, energy, money and other things while you can just sit, tweet it, make an interesting bully meme about the issue. You maybe heard. And the media probably will publish it. It's the same dude. It doesn't solve the problem, but at least you will save some pennies for your next clueless trip to Raja Ampat.

I really miss being in my JENESYS group! I know I may not know them for quite long time. But who wouldn't miss being around polite, kind, and funny people, with interesting topic to talk to. I wish there will be a chance to meet them again in one sunny day, when the economic is getting better, and the Freeport is no longer here! (It's gonna be a very long time I guess).

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