Friday, January 22, 2010

Patbhe's birthday

Patbhe is my school name (4B, read as EmpatBhe, cut to be patbhe.. what so ever..)
it's january 16 to 19 year 2010. I take some pictures with my analog Pentax and some with meilani's manual SLR, canon eos 1000. actually I made all this pictures on s
pecial purpose, make an article for x / y / z webzine. please visit.

meilani with her grungy pants

this is Vicky my classmate, look at her pierce! I really want to put the same one near eye

School's Band

(one of student bazaar, snaaaake!)


aghni, mojay, and koyor

the chubby little inas

the idiotic meilany (not a real idiot I mean.. hehe)

another meilani putri utami, desta took this.

and this one is me, Inas took this

this is Bisma, actually his hair supposed to be moving, but I don't know maybe I forget to decrease the speed.

and I forget about him. hehe, he's one of SMC member. just so you know, SMC is my school gang. oh ya taken by meilan.
(SMC killing spree)

and by the way, tomorrow is my birthday, the 17th. I've never done something special on my birthday (and I'm not really interested about birthday thing) but, I always have some resolutions.

This year I wish:
I'm going well with my school, my boyfriend, my friends, my family (especially my siblings), my photograph, my guitar, my piano, my drawing, and other artsy works. And I hope I can earn my own money this year. amin! wish me the best wishes guys :)

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