Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wacky Wacky Sunday

let me in introduce meilani, she is little bit odd and freak. but she's just cute wearing every single of her outfit. I like her, we're doing fun last sunday. she is long haired, and I am in the short hair one, I was just cut it down. does it such an adorable haircut? :D

can't stand wearing high heels, such a geek :B

meilani is my high school friend, we're getting close at 11th grade. she likes partying, dancing, joining car club, and other 'oh so wow' activity hehehe. and I am such a geeky teenage, doing weird things, and rather staying at home. how can this relationship being so longlast, hehehe. I hope we're always be in this way. oh yea she's going to have a college at Paris, France (I'd rather go to India), wish her a lot of grant :)

how beautiful we are. joy is the best makeup ;)

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