Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wear Mask Today, Please

12 am (GMT +7) merapi mount in Jogjakarta (my hometown) had it eruption. many victims and upsets. I got some pictures after had trip near the mount with meilani. here they are, dust fog's covering the city and the traffic jam was so annoying. everybody in town's wearing mask this day because of the danger of the dust.

how dirty the raindrops on the car's window

everyone's wearing a mask today even on the car! (meilani and her house assistant)

Everybody should help the victims of this disaster anyway, they are in such a big trouble. help can be everything! your money, your clothes or maybe your power or voice or prayer. just something you are willing to give :)

Today I'm so happy to have a share with them. I don't mean to show off about what I've done or something, I really don't mean that. I just want to share with you that even a geeky and such stingy person like me have a little care to other, how can you are not. I bought them some instant milks. I hope it would help :')
so.. come on people, come and help them without or with noticing. what else in this life better than helping each other :)
(people in mentawai need help too, tsunami attack causes a lot of victims and damages)

and I was just heard the news a minute ago from the television, the place I've been going to this day is being isolated now. everybody are not allowed to go there. oh gosh, I'm so afraid of this :(
wish it will gonna be well soon.

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