Friday, October 29, 2010

Glorious 39

goldy blazer (top). gonna be on shopping list.

sleeping outwear. how cute :3

look at this hairstyle, does it make you want one? hihi

such an adorable wears! I love the red headband. and the fresh yellow dress makes me thirsty. love it

maybe you are unable to see the shoes clearly, but it is oxfords, and it's perfect with the navy blue and hat

Romola Garai
(picture is taken from

yesterday I watched Glorious 39. at first this movie seems non direction, but then it becomes alluring.
The movie tells about 39's. it was nazi's glorious period. Romola acted as Anne, an adopted child of parliament member. she wanted a war with nazi better than had a teamwork with them, but the family wanted the contrary one. since she was just an adopted one, what could she do. she ran away and.. better you watch it yourself.

actually I'm not going to tell you about this movie's story or coda. I'm just going to tell that this movie has an adorable actress and such adorable outwear! though it doesn't seem like 39's british's outerwear for sure (but I also sure that they were not just playing on this movie make, they've been making it so great!) Romola is so much beautiful and the clothes are always fit in her. such such such a very cute way to dress up :)
I'm in love with her.
I can not give you all of the very great dresses picture in the movie because I just can't. And sorry for the bad resolution since I was just print screen it. You will be able to see it better on
dvd/vcd ;) (or illegally download)

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