Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bestfriend Ever

mba nur

I'm kinda weird. The bestest friend I have is not a school partner, a mom or another bestfriendforever from high school. My Bestfriend is mba nur. She is my house assistant. I know her since I was in kindergarten.
She really knows me inside and out. She can make me feel being helped when I have my school assigment unfinished, or make me feel right when I have no money at the end of month (she's willing to lend me some), She cooks me every meals I want (but sometimes she can't cook it), She buys me everything I need, and she listen to all of my story.she is the most caring person in my life. does your bestfriend will ever do all those things for you?
well, I like her a lot.I don't know what should I do without her.
Thanks god for send her for me :)
please bless her forever.


  1. i had same feeling with my house assistant when im in Sumatra, she is a real caring person, i miss her so much but sadly i dont know where she is now :(

  2. how sad. wish she will be just fine :)
    my house assistant is really so much a good person that she won't get married until I go to college just to make sure that I am doing fine at home :')