Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Want a Blackberry(tm) Phone

(sekar: 2010)

just few days ago I was thinking of buying a new cell phone, I mean a blackberry. well I don't know why but I just want it. I see some of my friends using it and it's kinda fun that you can push email or having messenger in very high speed mobile everywhere. but then I was thinking some reasons why I don't need it that much. what will happen in this earth when I can do my blackberry messenger? is there something special? I still can do common short messages from my current mobile phone. and I can do messenger on my pc everytime I need it at home. I'm not so mobiling like any business man or ceo or whatever. my father once said to me that he's rather not using blackberry because everybody use it today, so every single second of his day will be disturbed by the email that come to him and it's annoying especially at the sleep time. He has to stay mobile every single second.
and secondly, I just don't feel so right to ask my father to buy me one. This phone is not necessary for me and I admit it. Though actually I can buy it with my own money, but then I realize that I still have to pay the messenger cost monthly which is I have double internet payment monthly. what the heck I will not do that!
so I think for now I don't need it. But I still want it.
what else for me by using blackberry better than for being GAUL

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