Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little Love From My Father

my daddy gave this wooden love symbol yesterday. he got the wood (I forget the name of the wood) from
Karimunjawa. He told me that people say it can help you to cure from animal toxic.
my dad honed it himself. soooo cool. I love my daddy a lot. he promised me to carve my name on it soon. who would be happier than me :)

Oh ya, do you love animal? show it by these cute things!

(necklace 'My Bestfriend Rescued Me' for $5.95 )


(bracelet 'Until They All Have a House' for $3.95)


(polyester bag for $14.95)

get them now everyone! so you can help lot of animals for having a house :D
you can order them at Animal Rescue - Pet Shop

and one more thing, I have a new adorable little friend named azka aka thena, she is beautiful, smart, can do dance, and I just like her. she is my boyfriend's little sister by the way :D
I want to show you her blog, follow this link!

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