Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tied By Yourself

pencil on sketchbook, that's it

do you ever feel like 'Tied'?
never really enjoy your ownself because of people assumption. Trying to be what the society see it's good. Can't release what we really are.
just the way I see, that's how most people living like. living fake. living pushed.

I see my self as the most people: I never really enjoy myself. I try to be so fun around my friends, try to be so good beside my bf, try to be so observant while my parents around. Afraid of being so fat, afraid of wearing anything weird, and so many other worries. I am trying to be the best that I possibly could be. I don't get it why I should do that? Why don't I be just my self?

instead of it, the only thing that stop you to be the way you are is your ownself. You never want to be mocked. we won't to be so weird or different.
yeah, we are our own problem.

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