Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Name

pierre noire conté (pencil) on sketchbook and a little bit touch up in Photoshop

does your name have a meaning? I'm sure it has. No matter how weird it is, it must be got something meaningful behind it.

well, this blog has it name, Feeling Hide. Have you ever guess what meaning behind it?

I was meant to say that this blog is hiding. yes, hiding, so people would look for me. I don't need to make people to look for me but they would love to do it by their own feeling. how cool was that name meant to be huh? hehe.

What I want to say here is.. how important name is. It has powerful prayer in it. yeah, believe me. I never do something without any consideration (if you really know me. but sometimes people find me with blanky face like I have never think of something but actually I always thinking for the best way to get rid of any problem), including picking a name. So, being a philosopher is a really good thing. don't get wrong for any wishes you'll make, or even some little thing that you'll say :)

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