Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Have the Coolest Phone Case Ever

I especially made it for my self. bagus kan? great huh?

I am feeling great today. really great.
I got my salary from some work back days, and I have a new job today. a really nice job to me: drawing. how cool eh? get paid for something we love.
most times I feel less confident about my self. wondering why I'm not good enough, feeling small, useless, cupu, yada yada yada.
most times I am too afraid. afraid of making progress, afraid of what people will say, afraid of most bad things lah..
and now I maybe wake up from the dark age, aware that I totally have something to show, totally have something cool. I start to take some jobs that actually long time ago few people want me to do but I stop my self because I was too afraid that I am not good enough, that I was afraid of disappointing them. But, life is about trying, once you may fall but you can always wake up. don't be afraid ;)
2 days ago Sonia Prabowo and me had a little conversation that makes me realize all that above. convince me that I am special. And one year from now I am preparing my sketch exhibition, wish me luck, it's all thanks to her :)

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