Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TV Show

yesterday I and my father had time together watching television (which is I rarely do).
we were watching Jejak Si Gundul, you may read the review here. Not just watching, we were comparing to another tv show, Jika Aku Menjadi, here is the review.
as I read Diana Rikasari's blog post today here, I feel like writing my discussion here in my blog.
first, don't be mad at anything I write, because I kinda free styling on writing, there is no purpose to hurt anybody's feeling.
secondly, someone's ever get mad of what I wrote, so I kinda traumatic, hehe.

merely, Indonesian like to show mellow dramatic material on television. tears, sympathy and kinds. But, I don't think we should do that. why don't we start showing its joy than its tears. like showing more 'Jejak Si Gundul' than 'Jika Aku Menjadi'.
my point here is, every people want to be equally treated. everybody has their self esteem.
I regret it that the tv show really have its show so cruel, seriously, lowering someone value by comparing to our own value? that is ridiculous. we are all the same, aren't we?
in my sentence 'comparing to our value' which is I mean we, who live not-in-farm environment, the tv show is like wanting us to say "thanks God I have better life than 'Jika aku menjadi people' ", that is so stupid. do you think we are better than them? nobody's better than nobody. In case, like Diana Rikasari would say in her post, 'We should tell him how much we envy his simple, humble life in the village, because life in the city is full of complexities. We should provide him the faith that he can make a betterment in life if he works harder. We should support him to never feel disheartened, for life, no matter what, works in many different ways. And we guide him with whatever knowledge or information we have, so he can be inspired' that is what I really want to tell here actually, thanks to Diana.

I my self, hate to be treated low or less. I'd rather get moral and respect help better than money and all that material stuff that seem to talk like, 'oh pity you, I can't imagine how hard your life, you are so poor'

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