Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being an Older Sister

I'm an older sister of a 5-years-old-younger-than-me girl. it's an honor for me. Everytime she asks me for an advice, I stop and thinking what's the best for her. That's what (hopefully) making me maturer. And I love her for that.
This evening she asked me: my rank at class drop so drastically from 3 to 9. I will be so embarassed and feeling guilty. What should I do?
well, the truth is, I think the rank she got is very nice! hello, when I was in junior high I never been in the list of 10 big rank in so many times (just 2 or 3 times in 6 semester). So I told her not to worry too much. The importance is if she knows what she has learned, if she knows what her passion is and if she has plenty friends to chill with. Life is too short to chase something that would not make us happy right? Just don't worry, if you are happy, your life will be just fine even when you don't get a good score. The point is to thank and don't forget to have friends with you :D

the photo was taken this night when I had dinner with my college mates. they are so gorgeous ♥

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