Friday, November 4, 2011

My Home

I've been sooooooo busy this whole month and I can't just stay to update this blog. haha. no, seriously, I'm not that busy. I was just so away from my home, not away like going out of city, I had many things to do outside the house. these are some of my activity pictures of this hectic day today:

had lunch with my girls and hanging out at my house
this is our favorite place to have lunch (and breakfast), we call it jus jus an (the real name is cafe gerobak). It has very cozy outdoor environment and nice waiter. we love it here :3

I want to laugh so much. haha. kidding. that was by request by the way.

I love them :3

and I love this one, pic of meh. so cool eh?

At noon, I went to ivaa (indonesian visual art archive), attended some workshops from fur magazine. that was really cool event and really cool venue as well, so many many many cool books there, love that so muchy :3

candid Yaya.

and in the night I went out with friends, and friends of friends. Aulia, Bisma, Wana, Ical and Acip.

oh gosh. seriously, why I have to be that serious in singing like, yeah, well, this is really bad picture of me, not taking a bath this whole day hahaha.

Well, these are kind of really 'selo; activity hahaha. yeah, I am that selo. And that was fun. Ok, maybe I'm not that kind of person who's going home so early because 'home' for me is where you have your heart. Home is not always the place where you go to sleep, home is where I can be with the people I love and find joyous :) *tsaaaaah*

but seriously this week I've been so busy with the mid test. wish me luck :D

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