Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday's Brunch

I am a big fan of pop corn..
and I usually make my own homemade popcorn, it could be sweet, salty, caramelized, barbeque seasoned, cheesy, and everything.
This afternoon, I make this caramelized popcorn for myself. a big handful of corn seeds all for my self :D~~~

Here some tips from me to make this caramelized pop corn:
1. cook the seeds, as usual, add some salts while the seeds aren't popping yet (just because this is sweet food doesn't mean you don't add any salt)
2. when your pop corn is ready, start to make the caramel
3. add some sugar to a pot (the smallest one is the best), then add some water which is in a same amount as the sugar, but add 3 more teaspoon of water.
4. cook the sugar in a medium heat, stir it and on and on.
5. when it gets bubbly, stop stiring. just leave it until the caramel color appears. (kind of gold or light brown) your caramel supposed to be sticky and free from sugar pulp.
6. quickly pour the caramel to the pop corn (I prefer you put the popcorn at a flat plate). mix it.
7. eat while it's warm and crunchy~

your popcorn should stick to each other like this because of the very-deliciuous-sticky-caramel :D~

have a nice weekend everybody ;)

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