Monday, December 12, 2011

Father vs Mother

Father and mother, there is no such a big deal for not having one of them, that's what people will think. But, you know, there are a lot of differences between women and men, that's why we are created as women and men, not all in the same sex.
Okay, in the normal condition of human, both mother and father are caring and protective. But.. who knows you better between them? Mother wins.
Women aren't snob creature. They tend to think their selves don't know anything, that's what make them know everything. Unlike the snob men that think they are such a know-everything human being. They absolutely think they are the most righteous person, their opinion is the best, they won't listen (that's the extreme version of the explanation)
There is a huge different huh? Yeah, woman such a kind hearted (I am woman). That's why we all love our mother and can't live without them.

Ps: I really miss my mother.
Dear mother, our father doesn't know how my skin problem is going so brutal right now, it hurts and disgusting.. err. I hope I have a mature woman that understand my need. Grandma doesn't help a lot anyway. you know, she is oldschool. Remember my first scratch over my calf? You really cure it like no mark at all! you are the most amazing woman. I wish you have internet connection in your place in order to read this and tell me how to treat my very sensitive skin. xoxo.

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