Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally, A Road Trip!

yesterday Aulia, Bisma, Tomi and I had a road trip to Solo (from Jogja). We went off at 6 p.m. and came back at 5 a.m. That trip was very exciting since I crave a road trip sooooo much. yippeee, finally.

This early week seem so rough to me that I have to see 2 of my lecturer because of my semester final exam. This morning (with only 2 hours of sleep), I had the meeting with Mas Sulhan, my Ilmu Sosial Dasar lecturer. I thought I had a very big mistake in my essay, but unpredictably... my essay got an A, a well done one, that's why he wanted to met me. haha. I am such bloody relieved right now. bad news turns good. oh thanks God :D

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