Tuesday, June 12, 2012

░ I'm A Good Person, I Guess ░

Am I That Bad? If no, why I feel so bad and no one really care. Haha.
Well, I think I'm a good person you know, I make sure people feel alright when they're with me, I keep everyone in a good mood, never want to start a bad feeling or anything. It's like I always feel positive about everything.. Okay, then I myself can conclude that I am a good person. But maybe people don't think so.
Well, I think I'm not that good to build a relationship with people, not that kind of 'relationship'. I really don't feel I have a friend, or maybe I don't know what is the concept of friend itself. Ahhh or maybe I'm just too tired today.
But overall, this week has been good, I could make money by thing I like, drawing. So happy :)

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