Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Into Unrated Song

I wish I was still able to sing hollaback girl, you know, I guess I'm to old to sing teenagers song like maybe spice girls', katy Perry's, Christina Perri's,or maybe Selena Gomez's and her boyfriend. Their songs are always about naive relationship like there's no other thing left to do in their life. god! gimme back those years, or maybe I never had one or it's better if that thing is actually never really existed in this world. hehe. Guess I have to be more into jammie cullum's, john legend, or whatever song tells how depressing, empty, and scary 20s would be

here it is a video from gwen stefany, remind me alot of my high school. ahh how I miss school days so much!

and here it is 20 something by jammie cullum, sounds so depressing. I always remember Moe Syzlak and his tavern everytime I hear this song, (I'm a freak, fyi).

finally, this is Spider Pig from Homer Simpson, in case you are out of teenagers or 20s age song rate

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