Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Almost Holiday. Yipeee!

Today I went to Pasar Kangen, it's like annual event in my town. Pasar means Market, and Kangen means longing. The concept is to bring you back to the old days like 50s - 70s era with expectation that you'll miss the moments happened that time. And yeah I love this Pasar Kangen! There are lots lots lots of foods and vintage goods like books, posters, stickers, jewelries, house decors, stamps and so many more. I plan to go back there sometimes soon!

the picture above belongs to aghni, there were me drinking + eating dawet.
I ate so many foods there like 4 or more food kinds and bring 2 kinds of traditional food. I love javanese traditional food so much. And I also bought an old 2nd hand piano scores book for only IDR 10.000! :D
Ahhhh, I really can't wait for holiday to practice those piano plays. It's been awhile never played or learn any song anymore and I'm so excited when I found this book.

I always love holiday, I can do every things that I can't do in my work days. Always excited about holiday even when I don't plan anything to do :D

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