Monday, July 2, 2012

Holiday Breakfast. Yum!

This morning I had nothing to do and decided to cook some meals. It's just a very simple one by the way.. but breakfast should be simple, shouldn't it? ;D
You can try this too! All you need is just couple of dry breads (I suggest one which has less yeast), egg, and margarine (or butter).
> First, spread both side of breads with margarine til it's fully covered
> Heat the frying pan. It's better to use flat frying pan
> Cook both side of bread, after a minute, pour the egg on the top of bread and let the egg cooked while it's on the top. It takes some times but that's okay.. don't forget to use very small fire so your egg will be ready before your bread is broken.
> Cook the other bread without putting any egg.
> Theeeeen, It's ready to be yum yum ;D
You can also add some additional veggies like lettuces, tomatoes, oh yeah and also cheese, cheese makes every foods taste better :D

Happy holiday everyone. Do you have any resolution for this holiday? I wish you had one cause time is always running out *evil grin* *holiday destroyer*
mm.. I myself have this business to run this holiday, to make some money for some purposes, wish me luck yaaaa :D
Catch ya later!

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