Thursday, July 5, 2012

Late Teenage Human Being

 Today's feeling: Next Year baby by Jamie Cullum

*he is hot in this video by the way :p*
almost every new year I make some resolutions.
"Gonna read more books. Gonna keep up with the news. Gonna learn how to cook. And spend less money on shoes. Pay my bills on time. File my mail away, everyday"
Yeah, sort of what Cullum have said (This song is reflecting me alot!), "Will I do any of these things?
The answers probably no" then why should I made those resolutions at the first place?
Of course because I kinda believe that next year would be different, and I want it to be better. But...... I betray my self all over again for years. It's not sadden me but make me feel useless.
Yeah, betrayal makes me feel useless. When someone believe in you at the first time then choose not to in the future, that's what the useless feels like.
And useless drives me to feel sad :B
Hehe. Anyway, Jamie Cullum's songs are into me lately. Listen to him when you feel insecure about your 20s, it hopefully will make you feel less lonely. There are lot insecure people in their late teenage. Especially me.

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