Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Last Night

I'm pretty much in the mood of doing everything lately like cleaning my room (cleaning myself as well), practicing song, going on road trip and many other thingssssss. yeiy.
and doodling is one of my favorite activity of all time.
I was never put any of my doodling in this blog I guess. I decided to put one so I'll look like the other blogger :p
Here it is my last night doodle :D

I like to think about everything. Draw and write them on paper is the fair answer to store them.
These are my tips for you who wants to doodle. drawing doodle is so exhilarating and easy too:

First# put on your headset and your favorite songs to the playlist. Last night I was listening to
Dandy Cowboys by Soko, Champagne Supernova by Oasis, Secret Heart by Feist, Vanilla Sky by Paul McCartney and so many others. I listen to various artists. It feels better than just listening to one genre of music.

Secondly# Have paper(s) and pencil or other supporting equipment. I myself like to use coloured pencil. It's very easy to make tones from pencil, that's why I love it.
Third# Relax and you're ready to doodle now ;D

Very simple steps huh? You should try doodling sometimes when you feel bad, sad, angry, happy, tired, in love or maybe heartbreaking. Hopefully can help you enjoying and understanding yourself.

Oh ya, and last night I also had this night out with my close friends from high school. such a night xD
Foto di Tugu
Foto di Tugu is one of  the 'must do' things if you live in my hometown :p
and that was my first time ever x)

And I think I'm pregnant, listen to this :B

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