Monday, July 16, 2012

Situmbu Night Trip!

sleepy face, me with my daddy. taken by Mas Doni Indra.

Last saturday I had a very fascinating trip with GS family. wohoo. That was very fun trip to the hill near borobudur temple. We went there at 2 am, then climbed the hill until the dawn rise. Such a nice view, and nice people too :D
I guess the picture had explain a lot to you guys :p

But, what makes it funnier is the people, especially Om Hatta who made lot of jokes from macam macam pohon, cara pembuatan jamu, cikal bakal touchscreen.
this one I remember a lot: we were talking about how to make jamu (traditional med), then he came up with this silly joke. Jamu usually taste bitter, he told us that he made jamu from this very simple recipe: teman teman yg hidupnya pahit dikumpulkan.. lalu digodog ..trus diminum buat jamu paitan.... x)

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