Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why People Involving Others Too Much In Their Life

I don't know. Maybe we can't stand to be alone, or maybe we just too needy.
I my self not a fan of social interaction in the real life application. yes, I'm majoring in communication studies for my college, but that's all, I'm not that social expert in real life.

Basically people will treat others like what they do to their own self. For example, me, I don't really like my self because I could be so hypocrite sometimes. And.. that's the way I will treat you guys, by assuming that everybody, every people are just like me, hypocrite sometimes. That is sometimes scary.

Involving others in our life is just scary for me. How could we trust people? People are evil nowadays. Why should we be nice and helping other people? The'd practically take advantage of us. Why don't we just trust ourself, be nice and helping our own self? well then, that could be a rhetoric question because we don't have enough capacity to do all stuffs by our own, everybody knows that. But.. Why should we involve other people too much in our life like having close friends or boyfriend? Why? So we'd share our true self? really? I just can't.
If so.. maybe I'm the one who need a little help here because I have this very secret heart. I really feel like a sheldon cooper right now.
But really? I can't be the only one, am I? am I? am I?

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