Thursday, August 9, 2012

How To Maximize Your Quality

Knows your standard. It's kind of, what will you say when someone ask you how your soup taste like, you might want to give them the right answer so people will know your personality base on that. Having a standard also means that you might need lots of experiences and knowledge to underlie your argument or in this case, your standard. Don't easily follow other guys' argument.

If you had understand your standard, by now you can easily ignore how people judges you. You can just simply walk away when people see you wearing pokari nail polish and have bad thoughts about it. Who cares it's just nail polish. Or when people start mocking you just because you ride not that classic nor brand new vehicles, it just doesn't matter.. don't feel underrated, be thankful and knows your standard.

We might be dead by tomorrow. That sounds cliche but 100% true. So, just love life, though it seems won't love you back but when you know you have your standard, you might start to love yourself first. You are completely a high quality human being when you have your standard (as long as you are qualified enough by learning so many things in life, that's why you have to study much)

This one's coming from Soko. You might want to feel a little bit disturbed by the video if you are homophobic, but they are not that disgusting I swear. And they kiss a lot too.

I've been thinking about changing my blog name to this

since I've grown up to be such bitchy one and I don't really wanna make people feel offended by my writing, then I think I have to give them code at the very first by the impression of this blog's name.

From now on, this blog will be contained by many quite vulgar materials. hehe just kidding. But seriously, this blog material will be abounded by quite rough contents. And I will see if it works out.. So.. Umm. But it's not as extreme as maybe you think it'll be. hehe. Oh ya, and maybe I'll have this blog post in such a new way by posting some more useful information that you might want to know like projects review (movie, music videos, book, artwork etc.) and maybe some events from my hometown, Yogjakarta. Sounds interesting huh? Yeah, hopefully I'm not that lazy to do all that stuff.
Thanks for your tolerance and have a great day to y'all :D

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