Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Million Dollar Tears

Million Dollar Tears, hand drawing pattern. Sekar B. (2012).

someone ever said, it seems better to cry inside a ferarri than cry over the unpaid bills.
I guess nothing better. Crying inside a ferarri or over the unpaid bills are the same, both have same feeling, sadness, how can you say it'll be better when rich people sad. Well, I can't be that naive, it'll still look better when rich people crying because they are just simply rich and money look beautiful in anyway when we have it a lot. Emm, but I don't know.  I never been rich anyway.

I cut my bang yesterday or 2 days ago I don't really remember, that bang was inspired by Karen's bang (from the carpenters). And this bang is very lame applied to me, I really miss my old bang right now :'(
(Nah, that one tears is one of the example of poor people tears.)

And yesterday, I watched the dark knight rises movie, it's a little too late I guess, the movie is quite obvious, the batman saving gotham city. Overall. a good movie with great effect. But for me the story is too much predictable. hehe. But if you want to spend your wednesday or thursday by watching that, that'd be quite worth it than watching that in you precious friday night or saturday night.

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