Sunday, September 9, 2012

Days Been Good To Me

Hey, It's been awhile since my last post, I am such a cat -_-
Well.. I was in summer holiday for 3 months!
This holiday is quite tiring but fun. I mostly went out everywhere with my friends, even going on a road trip out of town.
Though I still have a lot of works to do in this holiday, I still enjoying it a lot lot lot.
And I also can't wait for the active college days, it's gonna be absolutely fun to :D
I'm gonna show you how my holiday was...

A very beautiful landscape on Dieng Plateau.
That was a very exciting trip, even we got strayed to reach the Dieng at night because the road view was filled by thick fog. We can't see anything clearly, whereas, the sides of the road were cliffs. Fortunately we made it.....

Enjoy swimming, dinner at some new places with friends, watching movies, doing works, watching new tv shows (I even got excited by Korean variety show, Running Man and getting strar struck to one of the member named Kwang So), I gathered with my family and relatives, dieting, I feel no burden at all. It's a must to have full activity from waking up to sleep. Having star struck is an important thing to I guess. It's been a long time a go since I fanned some actor/actress, being in star struck situation feels good to me now. I feel just like everybody else. Hehehe.
Well, I guess this is what every people holiday dream of :D
And now I have to say goodbye to this because tomorrow morning I have to go back to college days. So excited!
I really look forward for the next holiday in January. My life is so full of holiday :D

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