Thursday, March 7, 2013

Being So Judgmental

It's been a quite long hiatus from me and this blog..
You know what, I feel old. Yes, everybody feel old at my age. And it's a real burden for me. I was really afraid that people would be so judgmental related to my age because I never accomplish anything great in my life.. Because I act like hillbilly regarding to my age :B

I decided to start to write again in my blog..
Sometimes blogging help me a lot. When I start to lose my appetite for life, I still have something to do: writing to people, I can share my love in crafting and drawing.. 
People need purposes in order to enjoy their life, I guess. And I am the type of a person who feel insecure of doing nothing.

So, Here I come with my new "hobby", ad thinking.
Flashback, in my birthday January 23, my bestfriend gave me this book

That book is currently my favorite book to read.
In that book, there are some exercise units, this is one of the example:

So, I'm going to  do those exercises.
The first exercise: soften the hard sell ad.
For this exercise I use ACUVEUE ®, a softlens product. The ads often appear in girls magazine such as Go Girl, Cosmo Girl, etc.

The Result:

And another one is actually not a hardsell type of ad, since it's a TV commercial, and use quite unique selling preposition (nyot dikenyot). Yes, the dikenyot Real Good snack susu TV commercial. But I want to make the milk look more essential.

Well, that copy is grammatically wrong, I know.. No special purpose, It's just a mistake. Hehe. It's supposed to be Cinemas Won't Allow You to Bring Healthy Food. Sneak It.

So that's it for today, I'm gonna post other adxercise of mine soon.. 

And these are my currently reading books.. except Bahasa Perancis untuk Pemula, I always read that, and I always be "pemula"
There are De Reis Om De Wereld in 80 Dagen, a classic novel written in dutch. In english, the title means Around The World In Eighty Day. I hardly try to read that with little (actually not little) help from my friend google translate.
And the last one is Photographic Lighting, well I really suck at photography.. You know... I'm just doing it, I never really learn anything formally about it.

Enjoy your day. Do something if you stuck in boring or insecure situation, don't be afraid of people judging you :D

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