Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Need More Sex

About weeks ago, I went to one of history classes in my campus. A class where the majority of swimming fishes are freshmen. In that rainy and cozy morning at 7.30 A.M. class, we talked about the European attack over native american, chicken pox epidemic and why native american thought they are better than God. Anyway, not knowing that I am an old student who strayed to a 2014 freshman class, the professor asked me about

"Why marijuana is banned?"

I thought, he was expecting me to give a simple "because it is addictive and dangerous to human organ" answer. But I guess I'm too old for that answer. Then I decided to answer it with,

"It's because the industrial era competition. The American mafia wanted to keep it precious and exclusive, so the price will remain high."

Then he stop me from explaining furthermore because he thought it would be a long industrial story (He didn't have to stop me because I don't know the whole story anyway. Hehe.)

That day I was thinking: why everything that's banned are more interesting, and precious?
Well, if you are in the same year with me in communication department, you'd have taken  the BG 109 Brand Management class last semester and answer it with a simple theory of Human Needs Motivation hierarchy by Maslow.

In Maslow theory, the top of the pyramid hierarchy is self actualization. It explains a realization of one's capability to have things that nobody else can't have for the sake of distinguishing themselves to other human beings in many levels, a.k.a to make themselves special by consuming exclusive things.
Even if there are many other reasons that could answers this banned-exclusive case question; like the limited number of goods, the rare organic material that is contained, the story behind it, and so on, but Human Needs Motivation theory is explaining a lot better for this case and for me.

One casual night, some related topics came up in my mind: anxiety of my adolescence education life that will be over in a short time, me being religiously bad, and how people worship and not worship sex. Anyway, if I may exaggerate, the marijuana banning story thing gives a little answer to the anxiety about life. And it starts with why religion (specifically my religion because I haven't really get a chance to learn more about other religion as closely as my current religion) bans so many things. From eating pork to hair exhibition for woman. From drinking alcohol to having pre-marital sex. Soooooo many things are banned. It's either make people try to forget and repel them, or make people worship it then it becomes exclusive, same as what American mafia did to the marijuana.

For people like me, it's surely hard to forget how tonkotsu give special taste to a ramen. Yes, tonkotsu is pork. I worship tonkotsu. Tonkotsu is the elitist goods that poor woman like me can't have everyday. And I should feel guilty about eating them. Yes, because it's banned by my religion, obviously. And I'm not that type who can just forget and repel them because I'm a artist to my own life, am I right?

Well.. That banning theory thing that I've just made up maybe ancient and been discussed for so many times now. But for me, it's new.
What if the reason why religion bans so many things is because it wants us to have the urge of having them. We need to worship non-elitist-yet-seem-so-exclusive things which actually everybody can easily have but it's banned so it becomes special. It will keep our passion to have them flaming. Thanks to that, we'll have reasons for our empty pre post-graduation era?* Sounds super stupid.

Imagine this. When you are about to finish the university, you probably will have this popular anxiety of the imagination being thrown out to the real society and break the modern educational system you've been following for at least 15 years. And you will end up not knowing what to do. Clueless and questioning about what your life is for? Do I have to take another school and mastering art? Or what should I do in workplace? Does life start here? Or it's all just fantasy? Should I die before I'm getting rotten and ugly? (Seriously it's cliché).

But... Religion... gives you reason not to lose your passion in life! Remember things that religion has taught you not to do. For example, you can't have pre-marital sex, therefore, you can have this fantastic SEX in a marriage you haven't done! You have to keep on living and sane until you are good enough to hold a marriage and having sex. And.... The sex is indeed really good!
And after more than a hundred sexes you have done with your spouse, sex doesn't seem so exclusive anymore, you will be questioning what life is for beside sex? Then you drink a lot of alcohol until you get drunk, and when you're sober, you know it's wrong and pray for forgiving then you get drunk again and pray again. When it starts to become the vicious cirlce, you decide to go to Mecca to do the self-finding ritual. But unfortunately, you still haven't found what life is actually for. But you've done pilgrimage anyway. You are a hajj. You have reach this Indonesian social level where people would consider you as good person and economically sufficient. That's one of good self actualization dude.

One day, when your life seems super shallow, just follow the banned things your religion tells you not to do and force yourself to access it, then pray for forgiving. But.. Remember, it's banned! You shouldn't do it too frequently. Keep it banned. Feel guilty about having it, then have it again when you start consider yourself depressed. C'est la vie! Life will be so balanced by now!

We should thanks religion that has banned so many things that is actually easy to access but it's so banned it becomes precious and we can go on living for the sake of good sexes and pork that await!

*Pre post-graduation: a thesis making condition, before the real graduation. And before one is actually pass the graduating requirement.

(A total anxiety of an early 20-something that have no idea how sacred religions are. I think I'm going to hell for this post.)

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