Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy For Being Sad

What is it called to be sad having your crush unaware about your hidden feeling and also at the same time you have those lots of happy feeling for having a crush in your life?
You really don't have any idea what state you are in, or the feeling you are into.. it's just sort of un-plain feeling like the whole of your life been. You don't care whether it's not right, or it's not worth it. You just take it innocently.
Having crush means that you have to appear fully attractive everytime, in case you meet him/her accidentally. It means that you have someone to think about or maybe dream about.
Your crush is being sweet to you, but you don't really know the meanings of those actions. You just accept that, you also like those disposition but you sometimes get fed-up of those hanging up condition. You sometimes talk to yourself, should I be as careless as Summer Finn in 500 Hundred Days of Summer or be so insecure like Bella Swan in twilight. You just can't decide whether you have to be easy or to be bold to know the answer of those riddles you crush's been making.
You are sitting alone in your dining room, no one in your house really care about what you're doing, eating whatever, and you will suddenly think about him/her whether he/she will like you back or no. The kind of thoughts that haunt you everyday. It's sad (and also little pathetic) but it also can make you have this sort of weird happy feeling.
You don't really need to care about those sort of typical young blood feeling. You just do what you want to do. Don't worry, we are young and nothing can go too wrong in our age.

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