Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scary People

I never really contributing something.
I'm kind of individualist, I like doing things alone, talking to my self and enjoying being home alone. Well okay, maybe I contribute my self to my cat by feeding him like every meal times, I contribute my self to some of my friends by helping them with college tasks, but mostly, I just end up contribute myself to myself.

I often wonder, what have I done that matter to others? And that kind of thoughts are bothering me a quite lot because it's related a lot to the fact: what have I contributed to other? I sometimes worry that if I die then I'd just be gone, no one will remember me because I've never done something for them.

It's just hard to care a lot to people without consciously know that they have some benefits to me. Not because I'm selfish, it's because people are selfish and I'm afraid to be a victim.
So, the thing is.. I'm afraid to be a victim by contributing something because people nowadays are selfish and evil. That's it, that's the problem, people scare me... like a lot.

I listen to this song lately, and I guess this is so deep for single person (like me). hehe. Yeah well, we need someone to confide to, this song is so depressing regarding to that fact.

Bottlesmoker feat risa saraswati - somebody (depeche mode cover) by bottlesmoker

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