Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Do We Need A Lifetime Partner

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the answer of mine is because:
life's too crowded and people love to be alone (but not lonely)
life's too hectic and people need a comfortable hug in solitude.
life's too dramatic and people need to talk something simple and intimate.
overall, there are too many random people we don't need to be with, and we really need to get off them in one time of a day and just be with the one we really want to be. because however, it's just needed. It's human urge to be alone but not lonely, to be comfortably hugging and chatting in intimate.

Today, I was walking alone in one of shopping center in town. I enjoyed my time alone. I browsed books without worrying the time I will be wasted or worrying about other people thoughts or anything. It's just feel so wonderful. It's an escape of my hectic day filled by hectic people and hectic thoughts. But then, I wish I had someone... or actually I wish I had me. I wish I could clone myself. I like being with my self but also want to have another 'my self' to be with. I am comfortable in my own thought but still, I want to share with 'my self' one. Or should I say, I realize I need a partner to escape from stuffs. To talk about things, to share the same interest, to get off the hectic and crowded life.

Life can be so tiring sometimes, with all stuffs like college, task, pride to keep, and all. And we, or I, really need to be off that stuffs. really really really.
Or maybe I will settle down my self first.
Still have this blog and twitter to share anyway :)

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