Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#1 Thing I Learned Today: There Are Types Of People In Winning

The first type is they who win almost in every competition and have no idea at all, that could be because they born lucky or they pray much as religious person. I don't know. I never been this kind of person, that refers to the cause that I always have negative thoughts about them.
People who wins in every competition are people which is in the combination of 40% greatness and 60% luck. They don't need to struggle in a rough path, no. God surely loves them, idk, because their ancestor is a prophet or something close to God, I really don't know.
When you ask them a question like, "hey tell me some good advices so I can be a winner like you" they will just answer it like, "I don't know, I don't even remember that I've been entering that competition" and other shit winners say. And yeah, maybe they really don't know what they have done, they just lucky.

The second type is they who win in so many competition with efforts but not too many struggles. They know they can, they have some rational facts to show why they can win that. Those people are probably ambitious and hardworking one. They don't usually lose because they are so ambitious.

The third type is they who win in one out of tens competition and have struggled much. I am this kind of person. I never been so lucky or ambitious, but I know I have struggles lot of things to win. I maybe born loser but however, people have same right to win. And that is just worth it to win someday. It's nicer for me to lose and learn how to win, than to win and learn how to lose.

So, carries on to you who probably struggle in same things in so many hard times, every struggles are worth it :)

pencil on paper by Sekar B.

I got this rainbow pencil few days, specially bought from japan, and it's currently my favorite pencil right now, look at the color, so yummy right?

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