Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Wish is to Live Naively

These are my documentation of Pekan Komunikasi UI 2013, that was quite fun, tiring and above all, so much information and also 'juicy' knowledge I gained for the first time, woohoo.
But sadly my team actually couldn't make it as winner (so obvious), but next year we will.

Charles Dickens' Great Expectation (found it in Books & Beyond, book store I merely visited that turns out to be the only store that would take my fucking Flazz Card to pay)

Thanks to Thya for the one day Bogor trip! that was fun :D

Makaroni Panggang Cafe in Bogor

Women (Special) Train Wagon

Bis Kuning, free public transportation in UI neighborhood, and also my daily transportation there.

Me at the Commweekend :">

Me wore sandals at Commweekend :B

And finally, meet the runner up of Pop Research Competition, Kennardi!

I am not a fan of big city. I never been. 
I always dream of living like Von Trapps from The Sound of Music. I like being naive, and big city is not the right place I guess. Lots of competitions, lots of social climbings, lots of lips services, and that would be very tiring for me. And I've been sad for days to think about it.
I am majoring in Communication Study with the Strategic Communication as my concentration, that means....... I have to be those ass licking agency people. That was a mistake, mine thought for these few days. I am going to living hell in few years from now in order to develop my career. And, here I am, still the person who likes living naively in the village.
But you know, sometimes I just have to grow up.  I can't always rely on what I want or what I like. Sometimes sacrifices are needed, or if it is not for career or money (and naively I don't need material things, said me), it's about getting to know life better. 
Okay, kill me now for being such a wise-ass-20-year-old-pathethic-coward. Hehe. 
Well, I guess I just currently in a big need of that all time support from whoever :/

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