Sunday, May 5, 2013

Living In Our Mind

Living Around The World sketch from Me

Where is the best place to live?
Our own mind.

That's probably my best answer for now, in case if someone asking.
Well, I never really live somewhere else like the England or America, or Iceland, or Moldova. But, what's the point? Every things in the world are just another artificial things people make.
The most perfect and original place is in our mind. That's it.
And some people are selfish, you know, force their mind into others. That makes it the most cruelness ever.
And the weirdest thing that been occurs to me is this life. This reality.  
Okay, that's probably the most naive thing that grown ups ever think. But, We are just taller children aren't we?

I really happy today because instead of decreasing, my sense of drawing is improving I guess, even in long hiatus. I just don't know why.

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