Sunday, June 16, 2013

Things You (Probably) Never Consider of Doing

I've been doing lot of things with my phone lately, since I didn't have many chances to be at home and did other important things. So, here we go, my new hobby, drawing with Line Brush app.

There are things that you might ever think but never consider of doing it, like drinking gallon of water with one big straw (straightly). I mean, if you're living alone at dorm or rent house, you probably should do that because nobody gonna argue with you anyway. With some considerations like, you don't need to clean up any cup anymore.

Well okay, but then, we won't live alone at all. And that, drinking a gallon of water with one big straw, will be one of social intolerable awkwardness.. Just like girl asking out for a second date.
*here we go the diary of me*
So, I'm a girl. I deserve to like someone after having a first date. But do I have the tolerable second date to ask? I don't think that's what girls do..... Oh why society, why?
I'd really like to do that anyway, but.. Just like drinking from a gallon with one big straw, it might not be 'normal'. It's weird, and in some way, disgusting.
Life is not that hard. Other people are.
And I'm not gonna be a vandal.. I get along with society manners. It's not making me happy, but somehow it makes me acceptable.
A Coward

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