Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Interview With Bathroom Wall

Things you probably never consider of doing #2

So, this was me interviewing bathroom wall while I was taking a bath this evening. Wall is such a sorrowful fellow I guess.

Me: How was your day?
Wall: You know, people are gross.

Me: Emm okay, so this kinda hard is it?
Wall: Not really, it's just that I'm a wall. I should be listening, not answering like this.

Me: So, do you like listening then?
Wall: Maybe, or I just feel like this is what I have to want, however.

Me: If you could be anything, what would you choose?
Wall: I don't know. Probably a book.

Me: Why?
Wall: People trust book. They keep their books in safe places. Something like wall never get.

Me: Why would you think that way?
Wall: Because nobody notice the wall, it's like we're just suddenly standing here, and there.

Me: Do you forget that we built you on a purpose anyway?
Wall: Exactly.We never forget. But they, you people, do forget. Because this is too long since the first time we stand still without anyone want to keep us. Because, it's either you keeping or be kept. And us, choose to be keeping. Keeping people away from sight while they're naked.. If you need an example.

Me: You really are such a sad fellow. Let me kiss you, if you don't mind?
Wall: :*

You can judge me for kissing wall. I know him my whole life anyway.

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