Monday, September 9, 2013

In Being Amateur

From Almost Famous

It's been very lazy days for this blog. It's nothing like I'm busy doing something awesome or going to Europe.. It's just I'm feeling like I have to be those smart people who are committed into writing as the responsibility of majoring in communication study. Oh gosh, I don't know why this is bugging me so much, and it actually shouldn't.

I love writing, but it doesn't mean I'm good at it. But, since I study this communication thing, I am supposed to be or expected to be the expert in this field. And I'm not. And this is really bugging me, these circle of people around me (tsaaah, circle), they are the expert, and I worry that they will look down on me as naive human being who shouldn't write in public area as they read this blog. And I actually naive, not that kind of complex thinker or friederich engels-ly who write structurally good about politics and economics and even write about how to write. hehe. 

Sum up, I'm worrying things not worth to worry. This is a blog, not newspaper, nor magazine, nor college essay nor online journal anyway. This is where amateur put their works freely.

I always love being an amateur, I don't really have to be responsible about anything to anyone regarding to my works. All is love-based. And thanks god that I am one of those people who get to study in college. It --the college-- gets me the point of view to separate between fields I can be professional and fields I can choose to be forever amateur. And it's hard, at least for me, to mix them up as one matter, or this thing so called living your passion.

So this is good for you to know that you can love things without being responsible to not being good in it and just do that. But not to neglect that it's everyone needs, whether it is economically or socially, to be professional at least in one thing that matter. Some people also live them up as one, it's a great thing if you don't mind to mix something you love to be things that you have to be responsibly do. It's like marriage I suppose.

Some of these days I wish I were majoring in other department like psychology or architecture where not much about politic in it :B

Well then, I'm gonna post tens of drafts I've been holding it from posting on blogger because I thought it would be stupid for me to post those silly, naive and childish things.. But now I don't care as I have confessed this~

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